Joe Patrina (b. 1952), pursuing active careers in technology, music and publishing, is married to Laura Brittain; they have four children, with all family members proudly born in New York City.  Today, Joe and Laura live in Simsbury, Connecticut. 


A 1987 co-founder of Wall Street Systems, and the architect of the firm’s global foreign exchange trading platform, Joe ran product development, sales and project management as company President.  In 2006, Joe and his partner Lucien Kneip sold Wall Street Systems to Warburg Pincus, who subsequently sold the company to Ion Systems in 2012.

Joe's musical  endeavors began at age 7 on piano after seeing a young Japanese female virtuoso on the Ed Sullivan show, causing Joe to beg his mother for piano lessons.   Next, he moved to trumpet after seeing Herb Albert on TV, and finally landed on guitar, after witnessing the British invasion, an overwhelming onslaught. 


Performing in the 1970s, including blues oriented and then punk oriented band formats, Joe notably played the hotbed clubs, CBGBs and Max’s Kansas City, both in lower Manhattan.

Joe and Laura visited with Janette Carter of the Carter Family in Virginia in 1996, and after taking Janett’s wise counsel regarding songwriting on board, Joe began his songwriting career, eventually writing more than 200 rock, blues, country and American ballads, performing these with his band LittleHouse.


Joe’s wife Laura administers the LittleHouse “Welcome to the Barn” shows which began in 2009.  Laura runs stage lighting as well, with Joe’s brother Jim running multi-media images projected behind the band on the back screen.  A serious show.

Joe’s book writing started with a small book describing the songwriting process, but it then branched out to address a cornucopia of historical subjects including American Political history, Russian history, Italian history Belgian history, Irish history, Scottish history, Global Art history, and Israeli history.


Joe then applied his deconstruction analytical approach to Property Taxation, Major League Baseball Batting, an Organic Breast Cancer Cure, and a Revisionist History of Pre-civilization Mankind.

 Joe’s book titled Encounters is autobiographical, tracing his chance encounters with fifty, 20th century luminaries over his life time, people like Jackie Kennedy and Muhammad Ali.  Each encounter chapter is a vivid retrospect of the luminary’s impact on their times, concluding with Joe’s humble but telling encounter itself.  We are all “Forrest Gump”. 


Joe, with his singing partner Jessica Nolan, besides being a very rare male/female duet musical team, also co-authored a series of children’s books illustrating the various animal types and the sounds they make.   Check out; “That’s Not a Toykey”


Early Life 


Born on a Navy Base, while his lieutenant father was out to sea, Joe was raised in Queens, New York and then out on Long Island, New York, before moving to Connecticut at age 12.   Joe’s father was Joe Patrina Sr., an engineer and an international executive in the electric power systems field, and his mother Mary Lou Burke an economist, political scientist and historian.  Joe has two brothers – Jim and Stephen - and a sister - Carol.


Early Adulthood 


After high school Joe struggled in college – unable to find the library - but he finally came to rest at Hartford’s Trinity College where he studied International Economics and Philosophy, graduating in 1978, with high honors. 


His economics paper covered the potential impact of unifying the various European currencies into a singe currency.  Years later in 1999, the unification actually took place with the introduction of the Euro, and Joe’s company, Wall Street systems, converted 40 major banking systems at once on January 1st, 1999, retiring the various national currencies in exchange for the Euro on each bank’s database.  Joe considers this, Wall Street System’s greatest logistical victory.


Joe’s Philosophy paper covered the History of Human Thought.   Admitting he bit off more than he could chew on this one, the best-effort-try nevertheless enabled him to pursue a lifetime study into the matter, leading to his book:  SUBJUGATED– A Revisionist History of Pre-civilization Man.


Death of First Wife 


Joe married Janna Burger in 1976, and she developed Hodgkin’s Lymphoma later that year, surviving in and out of New York City hospitals for 10 years before succumbing.  In this period, Joe and Janna experimented with a pure vegetarian diet that resurrected Janna from near death to full vitality.  After six months, she decided to go off the diet and died later of pneumonia. 


But the diet lesson stuck with Joe and decades later, it would become the centerpiece to his Organic Breast Cancer treatment protocol. 




After Trinity College, Joe trained in software programming, and worked at Aetna Insurance in Hartford for a year as a consultant, publishing a management inventory report of the firm’s application systems, each system’s role, expense and impact.  After this Joe re-located to New York, first working for The Bank of New York, before being recruited by European American Bank to build its foreign exchange and treasury management system. 


Founding of Wall Street Systems

Joe became project manager of Treasury and Foreign Exchange Systems at European American Bank (EAB) in New York City, the number two American bank after Citibank in both Foreign Exchange trading and Money Transfer services.  At EAB, Joe designed and built what would become The Wall Street System between the years 1979 and 1987. 



In 1985 the bank was sold to Amsterdam Rotterdam bank, who soon sold it to Citibank. During these turbulent times, the new bank chairman agreed to transfer an unlimited license to the trading system to the new company Joe and his longstanding partner Lucien Kneip had just founded … so long as Wall Street Systems solely worked for European American bank for the next 18 months ending on January 1, 1987. Joe calls this the “indentured servant” agreement.


Following this exclusivity period, Wall Street Systems soon won key accounts like Manufacturers Hanover Trust in New York, Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt and Bank Austria in Vienna, later branching out to service the fortune 50 companies like BP, Ford, Volkswagen, AIG, etc. 


Wall Street Systems went on to win major accounts in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim.  Notably, Wall Street Systems participated in the Bank of New York disaster recovery effort after the bank’s main data center in World Trade 7 went down on 9/11.


Marriage to Laura Brittain 


Joe and Laura married in 1991, and traveled together on business, even through the years of raising child number one, Codyann, and child number two, Tara. 

When Joe pressed to take the whole family - including newborn child number three, Jolene - on one of his three-week European business marathons, the caravan days were soon ended by Laura. Finally, child number four, Joseph III, was born in Manhattan on September 11, 1999. Joseph, BTW, is all in for the Yankees and the Giants (so is his mother).


Naturopathic Breast Cancer Treatment 


In 2014, Laura was diagnosed with two breast cancer tumors, and the vegetarian diet from the 1980’s was resurrected that day as the immediate means to deprive the cancer of the sugar it craves. 


But this time, the diet keystone was complemented by infiltration tactics, where the cancer is tricked into ingesting compounds that slow down its division rate, and by empowerment tactics designed to rev up Laura’s immune system to vigorously attack the seriously debilitated tumors. 


Without the onslaughts of surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, Laura shrank her tumors in one year’s time, by incorporating 30 naturopathic countermeasures.


In 2018 Joe Developed the Speed-of-Time Effect Upon Pre-Civilized Man.


In his book, SUBJUGATED – A Revisionist History of Pre-civilization Man, Joe theorizes that time has been slowing down ever since the big bang.  If true, the implications of this are vast, as in earlier days, multiples in atomic speed meant accelerated plant and animal metabolisms and vibrancy. 


In a nutshell the reasoning that light does not move at a constant 186,000 miles per second - as Einstein surmised - is as follows.  It is centered on E=MC2 


Most agree, that mass (M) has grown bit-by-bit ever since the big bang, but most assume energy (E), not light (C), was proportionately reduced to make this happen. But consider the first moments of creation, where only energy was in play, as no mass yet existed – no sub-atomic particles or atoms, just expanding energy. 


In this brief setting, energy expansion (E) reached near infinite levels with no mass (M) whatsoever to balance off the other side of the equation. 


Instead of mass (M) as offset, the speed of light (C) must also have approached near infinite speeds to balance off the extreme energy (E) levels.  Light at that moment moved much faster than today’s mere 186,000 miles per second that Einstein assumed constant. 


Contrary to the Law of Conservation, which focus only on energy and mass, the overall mass + energy sum can actually increase, so long as light squared slows.   Other mass-less particles like electrons also follow this dynamic.


Sacrilegious, but if true, the speed of both light and electrons is suddenly in play as a dramatic offset to growing mass.   To understand the implications of this on historical activity, check out: Subjugated – A Revisionist History of Pre-Civilization Man.


The implications of higher light and electron propulsion in the past include: massive amounts of plant life which generated high levels of oxygen, which sustained stronger, high-metabolism bodies, yielding much longer life spans. 


Think Noah, living for 900 years.