J.A.Patrina’s  “The Enslavers” covers the period from the Civil War to 2014, and traces the drift of key Black luminaries along the way to gradually ally themselves with their former slave masters, still operating inside the Democrat Party, all resulting in today’s tragic outcome for the Black community and America as a whole.

The Enslavers starts with the Civil War era, covering the agendas of the slave Fredrick Douglass, Lincoln and Lincoln’s Democrat rival Stephen Douglass.

The timeline progresses through the Reconstruction era of freed slave Booker T Washington, U.S. Grant, the Democrat Klan and their “Jim Crow” segregation laws. 

The early 20th century of W.E.B. Dubois, the NAACP, and its initiative to turn Blacks away from both the Republican Party and from the integration patterns successfully being pursued by Irish, Italian, and Jews.

The Enslavers moves through the Civil Rights era of ML King Senior and Junior, Malcolm X, Bobby Kennedy and LBJ, and then follows the aftermath of LBJ’s Great Society alliance with radical left Black luminaries such as Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and the Reverend Wright.