Why can’t I be a straightforward liberal in my desire for the government to take action, but to take action with conservative reasonableness?
Where does Liberalism end and Socialism begin?  How many Americans are true Socialists?  Are traditional Liberals being tricked into Socialism?
Is Socialism a genetic trait?  What are the proven obsessions of Socialists?
Other countries form coalitions to stop Extremism, why can’t America?
TAKEOVER - TAKEBACK examines America’s transformation as a society of fiercely independent people to one subjugated by their government, and outlines a call to action: The New American Liberalism, a path out of this trap for the 80 % Liberal Majority, those who share traditional liberal values in various degrees, yet shun true Socialism.
TAKEOVER - TAKEBACK – from start to finishis not uplifting writing. It is, however, historical writing, and serves as an encyclopedia of America’s fall… so far. Hopefully, it raises a call to resistance and a new birthBy 2020, we will either sink into deep Socialism or recreate ourselves, forging a New American Liberalism.”