J.A. Patrina’s Ireland – Beyond The Pale is a rubbing elbows experience with the great Irish luminaries of the past and present.

A family “equestrian” trip to Ireland brings the sounds, sights and souls of living Ireland to life, and through the words of those encountered along the way, the ongoing memory of Ireland’s long troubled past is revealed - a story that slowly congeals as the trip progresses. 

The trip’s findings are then beautifully framed through a chance meeting Joe has upon his return to America with Jerry Adams, the longstanding leader of the “One Ireland” movement.
Ireland – Beyond The Pale includes this discussion, as well as Jerry’s own speech made that night at Quinnipiac College in Connecticut, to dedicate the opening of the university's Great Hunger museum.

Ireland – Beyond The Pale is a must read for every one with an Irish heritage or an Irish heart.  Through this read, you will get to know Ireland in a new personal way, within a contemporary optic.